Boat Lemon Law- What You Know Can Protect You

Every state in the country has a lemon law. This law provides protection to consumers who have bought faulty vehicles, by requiring the manufacturer to replace the vehicle or give a full refund.

This law works well for car owners, but what if you own a boat or other water vehicles? If you live in a state that has a boat lemon law, you’re fortunate. There are now a handful of states that have passed a boat lemon law, with is fairly similar to lemon laws on automobiles.

Boat lemon laws ensure the consumers’ protection. According to the boat lemon law, a manufacturer will have to replace a faulty craft, or give your money back – no questions asked – in case the purchased vessel is defective in any way. Boat lemon laws cover the purchase of faulty sailboats, motorboats, or even jet skis.

Boat lemon laws are good news for many boaters, but before benefiting from the boat lemon law, first there are 3 conditions to be met:

1. the defect of the watercraft has to be explicitly covered in the original warranty;

2. the consumer must give the manufacturer ample chance to solve the problem; and

3. the manufacturer should have unsuccessfully tried to repair the defect within a certain amount of time.

The boat lemon law of Ohio states that you have the right to file charges only if all three criteria are met. If only one or even two of the above criteria are met, you will not be eligible to file charges under the boat lemon law.

If you do qualify to file suit, you must do so within a certain period after the date of purchase on your receipt. In Ohio, boat lemon laws give you up to 2 years to file charges.

You must discuss your case with a lawyer who is an expert on boat lemon law litigation. Be careful with this, as there are boat lemon law attorneys who represent manufacturers. You want to hire a boat lemon law attorney who is excellent in representing the consumer.

It is also important to study the conditions specified in the boat lemon law. While it is necessary to get a lawyer who specializes in boat lemon law proceedings, it is also a good idea to not completely rely on them. To make sure you will be protected, it will be good if you can study what are covered by the boat lemon law yourself.

Besides the boat lemon laws, there are other legal rulings that can protect your right as a consumer. If you are in Ohio, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Consumer Sales Practices Act and the Commercial Sales Law as well. These may provide you more supporting facts for the handling of your claims.